December (or any other month) is a short month – does that mean we get a tuition discount since there are fewer classes?
Our full season tuition is split into 9 equal payments for your convenience, and the amount remains the same regardless of how many times the class meets per month. Most months will have 4 classes, but some will have 3 and some will have 5. So when your dancer’s classes meet 5 times in a certain month, you won’t be charged extra tuition. 

My dancer has a birthday coming up, can they move up to a more advanced class since they’ll be older?
We run our studio much like academic schools in the sense that our main season runs from September through May. Dancers are placed into classes according to their age when our season starts in September, and they remain in the same class for the whole season. Dancers don’t advance to an older class the day they have a birthday, much like an academic student wouldn’t advance from kindergarten to 1st grade the day they turn 6 years old.

Can I watch through the windows from outside the studio (or from the driveway at the outdoor studio)?
Yes, you are welcome to watch class as long as you are not distracting your dancer by attempting to talk to them, tapping on the glass, taking photos or videos, etc. If your presence at the window is a distraction, the instructor may ask you to try waiting out of view of the class.


What do I do if my child won’t leave my side?
Don’t worry! It can take some children a couple of weeks to feel comfortable being in the room without you. One thing to try is to invite a special “audience member” (a favorite stuffed animal or doll) that can sit near your dancer and watch them dance. If absolutely necessary, you can be in the studio with your child and sit on the floor for the beginning of class until your child feels more comfortable. This is a last resort and should only be done if the teacher approves it.

Why isn’t my child participating in class? Does that mean they aren’t ready or aren’t learning anything?
At this age, we do not expect every dancer to participate in every activity in every class. Some dancers may simply need a break to sit and watch from time to time, and that is completely ok! How a child participates in class depends on their unique style of learning. A visual learner will watch the teacher and classmates carefully to process the information being taught. An auditory learner listens carefully to process information. Visual and auditory learners may not move as much as kinesthetic learners. These learners process information by moving and doing. In fact, the visual and auditory learners often take what they see and hear and re-enact the entire dance class at home with their families! All learning styles are accepted, celebrated, and developmentally appropriate.

My child looks like they need something – can I just run into the studio real quick?
We ask that you please do not enter the studio once class has started. In addition to the main instructor, each class will have an assistant instructor or office staff member to help out. If your dancer needs help with their shoes, mask, water bottle, etc or needs to use the restroom, we are happy to assist them! Having a parent walk into the classroom during the middle of class is disruptive to both your dancer and the other dancers in class.  If you feel that there is an urgent matter that needs to be addressed, please speak with our office staff.

My child cries or says they don’t want to go to dance class – should we quit?
Don’t we all have days when we’d rather just stay home? Of course, the goal is to have your dancer running into class enthusiastically every week, but it’s absolutely to be expected that they may have a few off days. If they are fighting coming to class consistently for more than two weeks in a row, then we recommend making a change. You are welcome to try a different dance style, different instructor, and/or different class day/time (e.g. some dancers will do better in a Saturday morning class if they are too tired for a weekday class after school. And some dancers don’t like the noise that comes with a tap class, and will do better in a ballet/hip-hop combo). Or if your child is having separation anxiety past the first few weeks, the change we’d recommend would be trying a Parent & Me class where you can participate in class with them. Please just let us know if you’d like to try a different class and we’re happy to help with recommendations and scheduling.